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Family Medicine of Weston

Patient Testimonials

Just to say Dr. Rengifo and his staff are wonderful and caring. He really takes his time to listen to my concerns and always shows compassion for his patients. Also his nurse practitioner is nice and accurate with diagnosis and treatment. – Anonymous

There is no other way to describe Dr. Rengifo other than outstanding. He cares about his patients and he is always trying to give us the best experience possible. The staff is also the best medical staff I have ever seen. The front desk staff as well as medical assistants, biller, nurse practitioner, and particularly the manager are wonderful and caring. The office is extremely clean and the staff is always making sure it stays that way. I would recommend Dr. Rengifo to anyone looking for the ultimate experience. My family and I have been patients for almost 5 years and we have and know we will never be disappointed.            – Anonymous

I experienced the best service as a patient with the doctor, staff and manager. Was very fortunate to find this doctor and the experience was impeccable!! Dr. Alberto Rengifo was very knowledgeable and the staff Maria and Sussy was very professional, courteous and if I do say so myself very beautiful along with the other young ladies that I met. Looking forward from now on having him as my PCP. -- Robert M.

Very genuine and conscientious. Dr. Rengifo is one of the few physicians that actually spend time in the exam room and do not leave until all of your concerns have been satisfied. A true rarity these days. Very polite staff too. – Anonymous

My experience has always been extremely satisfactory. Highly recommend Dr. Rengifo. He is not just a doctor, he is a great human being. I have dealt with Dr. Rengifo's office for a few years now (since 2007). Not only have they taken excellent care of me and my family but many times gone above and beyond. Dr. Rengifo's whole staff has always been there to answer questions with patience and sincerity. I appreciate him and his staff for all they do! The nurses and staff are very courteous and knowledgeable. – Jose V.

Excellent doctor and staff giving tender care to all patients. Efficient, fast treatment and very short waiting period. Highly recommend Dr. Rengifo for his wonderful knowledge, accurate diagnosis and compassionate treatment to my family and I. -- Yolanda V.

Dr. Rengifo and his staff are wonderful. They are professional and caring. Dr. Rengifo is thorough and takes his time with each patient. You won't find many doctors today like him. He is also very knowledgeable and provides alternative treatment such as acupuncture if needed. I can't even begin to express my gratitude to the Dr. and his staff for all their help to my family. – Diane H.

AMAZING! I highly recommend Dr. Rengifo and his staff. I was so surprised with the professionalism of his whole entire office staff. Honestly he is the best doctor I have seen in many years. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! – Melissa L.